Spiralz Passive Air Freshener Universal Dispenser Refill

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After two years of development, exclusive distribution opportunities are available for this exciting new air care refill. Utilizing new patented twisted capillary fiber technology, our passive Spiralz air care system delivers odor-counteracting fragrance in an entirely new way. It provides powerful strength from day one to day 60!

48 Refills Per Case

The fully commercialized refills can be used with or without a dispenser and hold virtually any odor-counteracting fragrance.

A New Method for Professional Air Care!

The current iteration holds 1.75 ounces (15.75 ml) without spilling or leaking, regardless of its orientation and even if squeezed! It provides linear 60-day performance without the need for batteries and fits a variety of current dispensers, particularly within our MINI version.  Aroma One fan dispenser

No Fans, Batteries, Or Power Required!


  • It fits almost every other competitor’s diffusers
  • 60 days of consistent, powerful performance
  • Clean handling from shipping to service
  • Will not leak, drip, or spill in any position, even if squeezed
  • Its refill cage prevents contact with liquid
  • Outstanding end-user experience
  • Upmarket fragrances and consistent performance for a full 60 days!
  • It has a small environmental footprint and is made from recyclable materials
  • Perfect for Jantior Supply or Linen companies
  • Perfect for add-on rout service businesses such as pest control, textile, and garment rental, or restroom hygiene companies
  • Ideal for use within smaller areas such bathrooms, garbage rooms, etc
  • Light weight (shipping)
  • Contains 1.75 ounces