About Us

Message from our Founder

One of the best - and innovative - things you can do for your business in order to differentiate yourself from competition is invest in a scent that represents your company; something that appeals to customers. Try using our cold air diffusers to waft out your custom scent and keep your customers coming back for more and more.
Our customers are our main priority offering the highest possible service to all of our cherished customers. We aim to provide our clients with the comfort that we can provide the best possible service anywhere in the world, even in our own backyard.

Stephen Wilford, CEO
We Give Back for You
We donate 1% of our sales to charity and volunteer up to 5% of our time to organizations that help improve the quality of mother earth. What’s the point of providing scents of nature, if we don’t help protect nature?

Our Promise
Our Aerial Essence family of employees annually volunteer at least 5% of their time giving back to their communities. Bringing fresh scents to homeless shelters and rejuvenating scents to the elderly. We aim to change people’s lives one scent at a time.

1% of our sales
We donate at least 1% of our sales to organizations that help improve our air quality and organizations who plant tree’s to rebuild our forests. So 1% from each purchase of our Aerial Essence products is put aside just for those organizations.

Go Green
Aerial Essence is founded on the ubiquitous trend in American lifestyle to live in a more hygienic environment. Our diffusers conform with this trend by offering scents that are refreshing and odor-removing that operate without the use of harmful chemicals. Moreover, our products appeal to individuals seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Green Plant – At Aerial Essence we recycle. As our business grows we will continue to ship in double packed reclaimed boxes. All of our scent machines have recyclable parts including the aluminum housing. All liquid containers are PET recyclable plastic. Lets all do our part to be green.   
Aerial Essence Go Green