Aerial Essence Advantage

Why Aerial Essence?

As a young upcoming company we understand the importance of scent marketing solutions. Aerial Essence Air Care Technology can make a dramatic change to any brand or environment. Our scent machines are the most diverse scent delivery systems on today’s market.  Incorporated with our amazing line of aroma oils, our fragrance diffuser can enhance every brand, business, or home environment.

Why our Diffusion Technology exceeds all expectations!

 Our Scent Soldiers Aka Scent Masters at Aerial Essence Innovation Advantage have designed what is now the leading diffusion technology currently being used in all of our diffusers; we dubbed it Micro-Mist Diffusiontm.

How does it work?

Patented nozzles convert liquids (aroma oils or active agents) into the finest mist of particles that will genuinely behave like a gas. The light weight of the micro-size droplets means that the aroma will stay suspended and will be transported following the room airflows (they will not drop and be wasted on the floor).

Due to their extremely small size, these droplets have a surface that is 50X more exposed – per unit of volume – than conventional aerosol solutions, thus maximizing the aroma effectiveness.

The main advantages of our aroma atomization technology are:

  1. Cold process:  Aroma droplets are produced with very low pressure and are not heated during the process, hence insuring that the chemical properties of the agent are not altered or modified.

  2. Diffusion process is environmentally friendly, safe and effective, diffusing aroma naturally without the use of solvents, propellants or harmful compounds.

  3. This technology makes it possible for our diffuser to be installed with HVAC or air handling systems, and be used in a safe and clean way.    

  4. Our enhanced “Micro Mist” leaves no deposit of oil around the diffuser or in the room and now currently rated the most effective way to fragrance a room

  5. It is no longer necessary to saturate a space with heavy concentrations of scents.

  6. Controllable quantities (possibility to set the operating times and diffusion intensity)