Aroma One Smart Dispenser

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The Aroma One fan air freshener system is built to neutralize tough airborne odors while providing superior, linear aroma enhancement for any small area. It addresses restroom malodors in commercial, industrial, or municipal environments.

Features and Advantages of The Aroma One Include:

  • Holds many Air Scent refill types including bottles, Maxi Professional liquid cans, and Solid Square wafers.
  • Key lock deters theft and vandalism.
  • Modern design with optimal airflow.
  • Easy to install and service.
  • Easy wall mount installation.
  • Air velocity fan blade outperforms other designs.
  • Ingenious nesting tray features an onboard drip guard, ventilated refill holder, and air flow retarder to lessen output when circumstances require it.
  • Three smart-switch settings include continuous, 60-day, and linear output for the best possible end-user experience.
  • Converts from battery to electric on the fly. The adapter is sold separately
  • Attractive stand for portable use with solid refills.