Diffuserer Aroma Oil AE 500F Bluetooth

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Experience the AE 500F Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser from Aerial Essence for a pleasant aromatic ambiance in medium-smaller to medium-sized spaces. With Bluetooth capability, you can customize the essential oil scent with a few taps of your phone.

  • Desktop or Wall  mount
  • Dispensing: Foward dispensing 
  • Material: Acrylic screen cover, plastic housing 
  • Color: Black or White
  • Weight:  1.875 lbs
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power 8 Watts
  • Plastic Bottle: 220ml Capacity 
  • Noise: <25dba
  • Size:  6.06" w x 6.69" d x  8.42" h
  • Covers: Minimum 1059.4 cubic feet. Maximum 17657.3 Cubic Feet
  1. Bluetooth control makes it easy and convenient to set the working time—five working periods time programming.
  2. Wall-mounted. Desktop can also be used with central air-conditioning, with installation board.
  3. The built-in fan diffusion system uses the best atomizing core and lower oil consumption.
  4. Internal Intelligent microcomputer control, with protection device.
  5. Built-in noise suppressor.
  6. Internal microcomputer allows five different frequency settings with a 2-year memory.
  7. Nanoparticles, the fog, are invisible when dispensing.
  8. The pump works five -seconds after every cycle to dispense the fragrance better and achieve uniform diffusion.