Diffuser Ultrasonic Bluetooth AE 300CF

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Ultrasonic Diffuser Bluetooth scent diffuser model offers two installation modes: desktop and wall-mounted. It has a super silent feature and can be placed in a bedroom or lounge, covering an area of around 300 cubic meters. Its simple design will blend perfectly with all interior components in the room. It is famous for hotel rooms, washrooms, homes, salons, bars, and offices.

Ultrasonic diffusers are Water Only with a few drops of Aroma Oil

  • c diffuses Water mixed with a few drops of Aroma Oil
  • Technology: Ultrasonic diffuser silent operation
  • Installation: Mini size and portable wall mounted.
  • Power; 4 AA batteries or 12V DC adaptor
  • Dispensing: Foward
  • Oil: Water-based oil only
  • Oil/battery life: A 300ml bottle of water-based oil can last around two months. 4AA batteries for around three months.
  • Covers: Minimum 1059.4 cubic feet. Maximum 17657.3 Cubic Feet
  • Work time: Five working periods in 24 hours each day, Monday to Sunday.
  • Work intervals: Time on 1-7 seconds, Time Off 60-360 seconds.