Space Spray by Aerial Essence

Space Spray Disinfectant Aerial Essence

One pump for instant Odor Control. New proprietary formula contains odor control eliminating technology. Spray pump head dispenses 200 micro-liter per pump. These tiny particles float on the air for maximum coverage. Formulated with the highest quality fragrance, combine with the best active ingredients that combat odor, guarantees performance in every bottle.

  • 1181 sprays per 8 ounce bottle

  • 0.011289 cent per spray

  • 200 Micro liter burst, puts product into the air, not the floor

  • Active ingredient removes odor easily and quickly for the air

  • Longest lasting fragrance, best performance for today’s air care

  • 40 Sprays a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, will consume 12 bottle case

List of available scents:

  • White Tea & Bamboo

  • Royal Knight

  • Green Tea

  • Tahitian Sunset

  • Woodsy Brook

  • Green Tea Lemongrass

  • Fresh Linen

Have a favorite scent?  


Aerial Essence offers “Scent Replication” from any form such as cologne, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc…Your custom scent can be made into Space Spray air freshener and aroma oil for diffusion. Minimum order required.


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