Scent Branding

Scent branding is highest degree of scent marketing. Not only can you use scent to influence customer’s mood, behavior and impression of your business, but by using a scent unique to your brand you can set yourself apart from your competitors.
With a custom brand scent, consumers will develop a subconscious preference for your brand that can last a lifetime.


Research & Studies show:

  •  80% of consumers are likely to purchase if they can smell the product.

  • People remember 35% of what they smell,

  • compared to just 5% of what they see

  • 2% of what they hear

  • 1% of what they touch

  • 83% of people retain information via scent.

  • Approx. 80- 90% of taste is the result of smell.

  • 75% of Emotions are triggered by smell.

  • Emotion and memory are key drivers of purchase behavior.

Use the power of scent to your advantage. Because the memorability and the emotional connection is so strong, consumers and clients are likely going to remember your business for much longer and come to you for repeat business.

One of the best and innovative things you can do for your business in order to differentiate yourself from competition is invest in a scent that represents your company; something that appeals to customers.

Lease our cold air diffusers to waft out your custom scent and keep your customers coming back for more and more.