Aerial Essence Scents

woman sleep in scent aroma fragrance aerial essence

Scent can remind us of pleasant associations, whether that is “home”, the beach or a meadow. These associations help to create an environment in which we feel comfortable, “at home”, and impact our decision to stay longer, consume more, and inspire purchase. 

Across industries, businesses are using scent as part of multi-sensory marketing strategies to enhance customers’ experiences of a location and its products or services. These experiences allow customers to develop deeper memories and emotional connections with the brand and promote sales and loyalty.


 Top 8 scents (compiled by Scent Marketing Institute/SCENT Trends)

  1. Feel safe, secure and nostalgic: Talcum Powder

  2. Be more alert: Peppermint, Citrus

  3. Relax: Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile

  4. Perceive a room as smaller: Barbecue Smoke

  5. Perceive a room as bigger: Apple, Cucumber

  6. Buy expensive furniture: Leather, Cedar

  7. Buy a home: Fresh baked goods

  8. Browse longer and spend more: Tailored floral/Citrus scents