AirPro Max Aroma Diffuser System

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Aroma diffuser AirPro Max designed to cover up to 423,7766 Cubic feet (L x W x Ceiling Height )

Super Large Spaces

The AirPro Max is suitable for super large spaces. Clearly the largest diffuser on today’s market. 

 AirPro Max has the largest diffuser head & reservoir.  Diffuser head mounting bracket for easy installation. 

The Improved Nozzle Core Cold Diffusion Technology means easy to clean, easy to replace, very small possibility of clogging.   


  • Cold diffusion, no heat
  • 90-day warranty – replace or repair
  • Designed for HVAC application
  • Ability to control scent intensity with internal programming
  • Program: ON & OFF time
  • Covers: UP to 423,766 Cubic feet (L x W x H )
  • Whisper quiet
  • Power: 120V 
  • Bottle:  5000ml fill to 4000ml