Floral Aromas

Floral Aroma Sweet Fresh Jasmine White Tea Scent
  • JASMINE – Rich and uplifting floral with Jasmine flowers at the heart, surrounded by light spice notes and hints of Lily of The Valley and Rose Petals
  • Gardenia – A sweet floral combination of Jasmine Flowers, Fresh Lilacs, Wild Violet and Red Rose Create this Gardenia. Top note Green, Middle note Jasmine, Violet, Spice, bottom note Musk
  • Baby Powder – Soothing fresh powder with a light Rose and CedarWood Nauance. Top note, Powdery, Floral, middle note, Rose, Geranium, bottom note, Musk, Cedar
  • Flower Shop – This unmistakable florist experience mimics a floral bouquet with Violet Dasiy, Green stems and Rose. Top note, Violet, Dasiy, middle note Green, Floral, Hyacinth, bottom note Rose
  • China Rain –  Soft Citrus and Marine note meld into Watery GreenFloral notes that end in Sheer Musk
  • Mediterranean Fig – Vibrant blend of sun ripe fig with whispers of Green Apples and Light Wood Notes. Top notes, Green Apple, Strawberry, Mellon. Middle notes, GreenFloral, Jasmine, Lilac,Rosewood. Bottom notes, Sandalwood,Raspberry.
  • Red Winter Rose – A bouquet of fresh cut Red Roses enhanced with a nuamaces of sweet Geranium and African Violets.
  • White Tea & Ginger – Light citrus notes are followed with hints of Peonies, Lavender and Geraniums on a base of Sandalwood and Musk.